About Me

On a little patch of desert, on a mountainside in Southern Arizona, my husband and I have built the life we choose to live.  For you to know about me, you must know about my husband, Tom Cholley.  He’s the most important part of my life.  That’s why when I am asked for a photo of myself, it’s a photo of me and Tom.  He’s a part of me, the happiest part.  The most interesting part.

I met Tom in Lake Charles, Louisiana where he had lived for 45 years.  When we met, we traveled.  Traveling is one of the things that makes Tom most happy, so of course we traveled.  My roots were in Arizona and I used to tell Tom all about Tucson, but we had never been there.  Because my family had settled in Northern Arizona, near Las Vegas, that was Tom’s first taste of Arizona.

Tom is a die-hard Western fan who loves the West in all forms.  He just had not been there yet.  So when we went to visit my family, he began formulating a plan to move “out West.”  And, here we are.  I showed him the Tucson area, which is my favorite part of Arizona and he fell in love with it as soon as we arrived.

So on this little patch of desert, just under five acres, is where we created our little heaven.  We have a little house, a nice garden (protected from the ravenous desert animals by a cage of chicken wire), and a barn full of animals.  I awake each morning and milk my cows, and Tom feeds the other animals.  Then he proceeds to build things, which keeps him active.

Our life is not the traditional one filled with jobs, we don’t believe in them.  We live the life we choose with our little mini-ranch and the animals. And, my computer.  When I finish my chores and the cows are busy chewing their cud, it’s my turn to do what just comes naturally – write.

So here I am, and here you are.  Enjoy my blog!  It’s here so you can interact with me when I’m not hard at work creating stories for you to read.  Feel free to leave comments, or send me an email.  I love hearing from you, so don’t be shy.  Just tell me what you think and what you love or hate about my books.  I’ll listen, and hopefully I’ll learn.  My writing is about you, so tell me what direction I should be headed with my stories.  I’ll listen, I promise.


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